Friday, October 28, 2005

Need for Border Roads Organization's Participation in Construction of Roads in Bihar

NK Singh has written about "Blueprint for the new
Bihar Government".

He stresses that we need more participation from
Central Agencies to take up development projects in
Bihar as our state institutions are flawed.
Third, the experiment of having central agencies
implement projects as part of the compensation pocket
for partition of Bihar needs to be accelerated and
clarified. The initial goal was to cocoon these
projects from the deep-rooted malaise in institutions
at the state level, but there are subsisting
ambiguities regarding project implementation,
operation and maintenance.

Another point made by his is to press NHAI to complete
Highway Project.
Sixth, considering that Bihar ranks 11th among 15
states in the Infrastructure Index, improved energy
availability is crucial. Augmenting capacities,
improving distribution networks, the transmission and
distribution losses, unbundling electricity boards,
encouraging private investment at the distribution end
and setting up joint ventures for generation systems
close to the nearby coal pitheads is part of the
strategy. Ensuring smoother implementation of the
ongoing programme of the National Highways Authority
of India, coupled with upgradation of resources
available for state highways and effective utilisation
of funds from the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana,
needs close attention. The low teledensity reflects
the enormous scope for improvement even in the short

These points once again confirm the need for asking
Border Roads Organization(BRO) to take up Highway and
road construction work in Bihar.

Another RJD Politician is Arrested

Now that Exit Polls are indicating the Ravan Raaj of Laloo might be on the way out in Bihar, RJD has pressed Panick button.

RJD and Congress are attacking EC like anything.

They are going out of the way to get votes and distributing Cash & Liquor is on the top.

It is reported that Shakuni Chowdhary is arrested for distributing Cash in JPN Yadav's mother's constituency.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Another Bahubali shows his power

There is a politican with criminal background, Dadan Yadav in Buxar who started his career in politics under the guidance of Laloo.

Over the years, he has become a BIG man; Now, he has floated his own party. But, that is not interesting and important.

His latest Vandalism is to beat the RJD Nominee from Dumaron. Read the story here.

This just proves the extent to which politics has been criminalized!

Chor Machaye Shor

Now that Non Bailable Warrants have been issued against Jay Prakash Narayan Yadav and his brother, Vijay; Police is raiding different parts of the districts.

In the meantime, JPN's Father is accusing SP of being vindictive.

Classic case of "Chor Machaye Shor"

Monday, October 24, 2005

Non Bailable Warrant against JPN Yadav

Few Days back, Police had arrested Vijay Yadav for creating disurbance on the day of Polling and intimidating voters. He was caught with cash worth more than 6 lakhs, firearms and IMF Liquor.

SP had chased him and caught him and his cronies after a long chase in a paddy field. Police lodged
a case against him and locked him under Non Bailable Sections of IPC.

After 3 hours, JPN Yadav reached Police Station and forced police to release his brother. Already SI has been suspended and Police Commissioner has been transferred.

Police has been trying to catch Vijay Yadav but he is on the run. In the meantime, he slapped a case against SP and other Policemen.

Now, Bihar Government has filed a FIR against JPN Yadav and his brother.

Of Course, Congress's Reaction is to ignore it.

Meanwhile, the Congress downplayed the arrest warrant against Yadav. "Until a court convict Mr. Yadav of being guilty, he must be presumed innocence," said the party spokesperson Anand Sharma in Delhi.

Anyways, Read the report here.

Another FIR Against Laloo

It seems that Laloo is in panic now.

Reports indicate that he is getting irritated and has threatened District Officials for not helping RJD.

Officials have lodged a FIR Against him. Read this report here.

By the way, Congress would still ignore it. All in the name of Democracy!

Down with this hypocrisy.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

How about a common yardstick? - Eye Opening Article from Economic Times

We are all know the truth that Commies are big supporter of Laloo and Media is controlled by them. JNU Educated, Self-Proclaimed, Righteous are some of the adjectives which can be used for this gang.

During NDA Regime, They ran to the town about its alleged(?) attempts to saffronize all the institutions and general lack of respect for others' opinion.

This Same gang has defended Laloo and Mulayam + Sonia at umpteen times. But, now their farce is too obvious to go unnoticed.

Commies/Liberals are silent about the tactics being used in Bihar by Laloo and Digvijay. They are abusing EC Daily but our righteous folks are silent.

Why? Because, they can not utter a word to chastise their posterboy Laloo as it would be mean supporting what the other camp is saying about Laloo!

Economic Times has published a brilliant article on this DOUBLE STANDARD of MEDIA on Laloo.

Read it here.

Some interesting excerpts are:

The response of liberals to the Election Commission’s running battle with Lalu is no different. It be recalled that the NDA government took lot of flak when Narendra Modi tried to get the panel to suit his electoral calculus. There was angry drivel over the assault on the independence of EC.

The same EC has noted a series of election code violations by the Union railway minister. Lalu Yadav, who is not known for working within the confines of law, held a late night meeting with two senior officials of the CRPF tasked with the deployment of forces in election-bound Bihar. The EC, which was not satisfied with the explanation that the two officials had gone to the minister to discuss his security, asked the government to remove them.

It must be a source of concern for the norm-respecting PM. For, law and order, till last heard, was a state subject. If the minister had any doubts about his security, he should have spoken to the state administration. Imagine a scenario where defence minister Pranab Mukherjee asking the Army to take care of his security situation in his Jangipur Lok Sabha constituency!

But what is surprising is the sudden rush of liberals to defend Bihar’s secular icon. Instead of condemning the attempts of Lalu to suborn the system, they chastised the EC for “crossing its limits”. Double standards? But that appears permissible in liberal political discourse

CRPF Being Waylaid by Laloo - Some More Reports

Yesterday, I had posted the news about the nexus between Laloo and CRPF Chief.

Some more details are available in these reports:

This report states:

While Mr Lalu Prasad and Mohammad Taslimuddin do not need introduction,
Union minister of state for water resources, Mr Jai Prakash Yadav,is the latest “hit” with police.

The RJD-led Secular Democratic Front’s claims to establish a “rule of law” laid out in its joint manifesto, were exposed when the Water Resources Minister, Mr Yadav forced release of his
brother from police lock-up soon after he was caught intimidating as well as luring voters on polling day (18 October).

His brother, Mr Vijay Prakash is a RJD candidate from Jamui. That “might is right” was plain for all to see. Strangely, police released the minister’s brother on personal bond alone despite non-bailable sections imposed against him, which even the DGP, Mr Ashish Ranjan Sinha, called “unlawful”. Sources said police released the accused, arrested with arms and ammunition
and a good number of liquor bottles, succumbing to pressure from the minister. The transfer order of the concerned IG — allegedly involved in ensuring the release of the minister’s kin — given by the EC and also the EC’s order for a thorough probe, throw light on the “police-RJD nexus” — an allegation made by the NDA. The minister is an accused in the degree scam case
(No. 12/2000) lodged with the Vigilance and had to quit the Rabri Devi government in which he was an education minister after he was sent to jail.

CRPF Caught in controversy report is also worthreading

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Is CRPF Being waylaid by Laloo in Bihar?

Read this report:

excerpt from this report:

The letter said the information received by it showed that the vehicle and the driver were handed over by the CRPF to Arwal district police authorities and the latter released them and the cash found with the driver was also returned. On October 17, Chhiber was called by Bihar Chief Electoral Officer N K Sinha to his office for a report in the matter. Chhiber admitted that he and Alok Raj had gone to meet the RJD leader at the latter's residence in connection with the incident of seizure of RJD vehicle.

When told that this was a grave violation of the model code of conduct and asked as to why they had done so, Chhiber stated that "he had been asked by the DG to sort out this matter", the letter said.

So, CRPF DG asks IG and DIG to visit Laloo to sort out the issue??

How Low can Congress stoop to?

We all know the fact that Laloo has huge influence over Manmohan Singh Led UPA. Reason for this influence is: RJD has 24 MPs and without their support, UPA will bite the dust.

But, as a old national level party, Congress should have some sort of decency but their conduct is proving to be otherwise.

Sonia has sidelined Arjun Singh in this election of Bihar and entrustred another MP Guy to manage Congress' fortunes.

The way, Digvijay is singing the hymns in praise of Laloo makes me think that had Digvijay Singh devoted even half of his time to gods, he would met God himself. But, What a poor soul he is :-)

Pity that he is serving Laloo and Sonia with such devotion. Anyways, it is his life and he has every right to make use of it the way he seems right.

Coming back to the point, Digvijay Singh (and Congress) have become such a big votary of Laloo that it seems to be the case that Laloo has hired these 2 Congress leaders for his darbar.

Sonia came to Bihar and promised a NEW BIHAR. What the heck? We have seen what Laloo (and Congress) has done to Bihar in the name of Social Justice (Curse VP Singh for starting this malady) and Sonia asks Biharis to vote for Laloo to make a NEW Bihar.

She indicates that vote for Laloo and he will do a Kaya Kalpa! No, All he will do is to wipe out the face of humanity from Bihar and Congress will term it a DEVELOPMENT

Then, Laloo and Sonia go to town with claim that all blame for Bihar's ills should go to NDA as they were the last ruler in Delhi. Less I write about this, better it would be.

Now that, 1st Phase of Elections are over and it seems to be a Fair Election, thanks to EC and CRPF. Diggy and Laloo are crying foul and blame EC for LOW TURNOUT of Voters in Bihar". You can all see that it means that Booth Capturing and Rigging was not allowed and Digvijay cries.

All this makes me think about the fall of Congress. Then, INDIRA Gandhi comes to my mind who bent all rules to get ahead and there is no wonder that Sonia and Digvijay are following her footsteps.

Laloo does not have any dignity so there is no question of him being subjected to any expectation of Humility and Honour.

Congress lost its way long time back and now, in Bihar, they are setting new lows.

Read these news items and you will be wisened:

So much for the Grand Old Party of India and Manmohan Singh (the Honest PM without Any Control over his Cabinet)

Monday, October 17, 2005

Mau in UP Burns but Police does not dare to touch Ansari

Another Demi God of Indian Secularism, Mulayam Singh Yadav, says that Mau is a blot on UP.

But, he does not take any action against his supported Ansari.

Those who have seen the movie, Dev, would be able to recollect the scene of rioting in movie in which political leaders roam in Open Gypsies and take the law & order in their hands!

Read this report here.

Master of Decetion, Laloo, tries new tricks

As per this report by Varghese George, Laloo is projecting a different image this time.

What a pity that people are still buying his bullshit.

No wonder, we are in such a deep hole!

1st Phase of Elections in Bihar are tomorrow

Bihar is all set to witness another costly drama of elections tomorrow, 18th Oct, 2005.

Sonia and her Congress is having an affair with Laloo's RJD - all in the name of Secularism.

She has promised to build a New Bihar! Only God Knows what does that mean.

15 years of satanic rule of Laloo- will it end? Again, God Only Knows as we Biharis are too busy with our caste based lives