Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Water level is dropping at alarming rate in Patna

As per this report, it seems that water table is going down in Patna, at the rate of 13 cm per year.
This is already showing its impact in PATNA as people have to start using submersible pumps to get groundwater.

This is a long term threat to Bihar and India's food and social security.

Water conservation and urban planning are needed urgently.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Challenging Bihar on Primary Education

Rukmini Banerji has done a great job of reviewing primary education in Bihar

A ground level view of primary education in today’s Bihar and an attempt to understand what it means to “demand” or “deliver” development show the state government keen to bring about a major educational change with an increase in allocations and inputs. But is this enough to turn around a system of behaviour in government and among citizens that has evolved over a long period of time? It is clear that inputs and incentives do not automatically translate into higher participation in education. Within the system, “business as usual” is accompanied by apathy, while new opportunities and innovations seem to generate energy and can activate both citizens and front-line government workers to behave differently. View Full Article

Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gems of Bihar - Camille Bulcke

Camille Bulcke was born in Ramskapelle, a village in Knokke-Heist municipality in the Belgian province of West Flanders [2]

Bulcke had already acquired a B.Sc. degree in civil engineering from Louvain University, when he became a Jesuit in 1930 [3] After doing his philosophical training in Valkenburg, Netherlands, (1932–34) he left for India in 1934 and after a brief stay in Darjeeling, he taught Mathematics for five years at Gumla (present Jharkhand). It was here that he developed his lifelong passion for learning Hindi, as later recalled:

"When I arrived in India in 1935, I was surprised and pained when I realised that many educated people were unaware of their cultural traditions and considered it a matter of pride to speak in English. I resolved my duty would be to master the language of the people." - The Faith Of A Christian — Devotion To Hindi And To Tulsi.
In 1949 Bulcke was made Head of the department of Sanskrit and Hindi of St Xavier's College, Ranchi. But early hearing problems led him to go more for a scholar's than a professor's career.

He felt much attracted by the 17th century's Hindi poet Tulsidas on whose writings he made his doctoral thesis. Bulcke was often invited to give conferences on the Hindi poet and his devotional Rama-songs, which he did with much enthusiasm.

He brought people in touch with the profound values of their own spiritual traditions, and, according to him, Tulsidas was also an excellent introduction to the values of the Gospel. He obtained Indian citizenship in 1951, and - highly esteemed by the Government of India - was made a member of the National commission for the promotion of Hindi as the national language.

He took on the name Bihari after acquiring Indian citizenship.

He died in Delhi on August 17, 1982.

Gems of Bihar - George Orwell

George Orwell is a famous English Novelist who got critical acclaim for his novels, 1984, The Animal Farm.

He was born at Motihari.

Some details are

25th june 1903- 21st jan 1950

Birth Place-Motihari, Bihar

Novels- Animal Farm(1945), Ninteen Eighty four (1949)

A N College Patna is going places

A N College, Patna is going places. It has got quite a few partnership with European Universities and it is bearing fruit.

Read this story about Dutch students joining A N College, Patna for doing their work on Solar Power plants and Arsenic removal.